Buck Compadre Camp Axe


When it comes to axes, the floor is open to many different types. You've got splitting axes, felling axes, broad axes and a few others. Then you've got the hatchet... A small, generally lightweight axe designed for use in one hand specifically while camping or travelling. The Compadre Camp Axe

The 6 Mile Pencil

The 6 Mile Pencil

these tasty pencils, true to their name, come packed with 6 miles of graphite in each and with the incremented mile markers on the side, allow you to see how far you’ve doodled, scribbled and written.

Velo Serif Typeface

Velo Collection Frames

Tanner Goods, Cinelli and many other cycling and non-cycling related brands have partnered with the brilliant Typography studio House Industries to create The Velo Collection.

Kinoko x Dinex Mug

Kinoko x Dinex Mugs

Kinoko Cycles have teamed up with Dinex to create some tasty mugs for transporting your chosen winter beverage to and from your face. With traditional styling, throwback graphics this mug is definitely one to own.

Carbonlite Carbon Fiber Spanners


Made from 3/8" high-strength carbon fibre, featuring stainless inserts and coming in 5 different sizes, this set of 5 tools from Carbonlite tips the scale at 190gms (lighter than a single spanner).

Ghostbusters LEGO

Ghostbusters Lego

Collaborating with the Ghostbusters franchise, LEGO is set to release a special edition set consisting of all its original movie characters including the 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance.

“Mt. GENTLEMAN” Candle

Mt Gentlemen - Brown

Now, I know this is quite an obscure post and things might be taking a weird turn on this blog, but it's for the better I think. Guys don't buy candles this is a pretty well-known fact. Some of us do though, and these badass candles from Wisdom and EYE



The incredibly talented Rowley Haverly of recent Instagram fame, has made a name for himself by creating very miniature versions of well known and lesser well known cyclists. I recently took delivery of a little version of myself riding my Deaf Pigeon kit and Dosnoventa (complete with bullhorns, tattoo's and

Dosnoventa HQ

Dosnoventa HQ

The guys at Dosnoventa have done an awesome job with their space, a proper dude cave. Alvaro Valdecanto has taken some photo's of the 290 building which shows all corners inside their HQ.

New Fixed Magazine Website

Fixed Magazine Website

The one and only Fixed Magazine have launched their fresh new website for your viewing pleasure. The site is now full of all the Fixed Magazine goodness you'll find inside one of their paper versions.

And the winner is…

Grim Winner

Massive thanks to all entries into our Grim Bags competition. I've absolutely loved reading all of them. From threats to kill puppies to someone who's planning on riding to the Moon, there was (in total) 20 brilliant entries.

Gransfors Bruks

Large Splitting Axe

After a few months of late evenings in the Chainsaw Motorcycles garage, splitting logs has become something i really enjoy so i've decided to get my own axe. A Gransfors Bruks.