Privacy and Cookie Policy

To understand how Deaf Pigeon collects and uses cookies, please read through the following page. This site has been built, designed and is maintained by David Perkins. It is hosted by Vidahost on their servers and apart from WordPress, Google and PayPal, there is no other externally hosted/maintained software used on this site.

1.1 – Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics on this site so that we can track where our hits come from and where they go to. None of your personal data is stored, used or passed on to anyone other than ourselves and Google. It is purely used for our own tracking of viewers/readers of Deaf Pigeon.

1.1a – Why?

We want to keep the site running as smoothly as possible, so by tracking visitors movement around the site and seeing where they potentially run into trouble, we can create a more natural user experience around our website and continue to improve the website usability.

1.2 – Our Shop & PayPal

Our shop is 100% custom-built and your payments are securely processed by PayPal. We never see your payment or card details and we don’t store your addresses on any physical hardware. All personal information is stored within PayPal’s secure servers and only when needed to pack and ship your orders do we look at your information.

1.3 – Contact Forms

When you send us a message through our Contact form, we receive the information you send to us but nothing else. There is no tracking of IP address or any personal information submmitted to us, other than what you’ve typed in the form. Again, none of this data is stored or used for any other reason than to reply to your message.

2 – Links to External Sites

Our Links page contains a whole load of links to friends, other blogs, lots of cycling companies and a whole host of other cycling related media you can find online, and therefore are not covered under this policy.

3 – Contact us

If you want to get in touch with us about any part of this policy, you can do so by emailing and we will strive to reply to your request/message with an appropriate response.