The Jacks “Crying Skull” Candles

We’ve featured candles on here before but this is something different. The Jacks was a successfully funded Kickstarter project created by a bunch of designers and sculptures featuring a deer, human and rabbit’s skull.

Skulls are skulls, they’re pretty cool items in our opinion and skull candles just take this to the next level… The Jacks however, change things again as they’re basically a ceramic skull in a white or black colour that you “fill” with either a brain, antlers or rabbit ears candles in one of five colors/scents available.

Wednesday 7 October 2015 | No Comments

New Balance “Made in England” 575

New Balance has recently released two new “Made in England versions of their 575 as part of its 2015 Fall collection. Keeping with the standard suede and mesh combination, the modern classics have been created in a navy and brown/beige colour complete with complementary lacing and a splash of off-white to finish each shoe off with the classic look we’ve come to know and love.

These are probably going to end up rarer than rocking horse s**t so if you’re after grabbing a pair or 2, you can pick them up from Hanon Shop for £109.

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Klokers KLOK-01

At first glance this timepiece might look a bit difficult to read but in all honesty, it’s pretty simple and actually quite impressive. Inspired by the mechanical “slide rule” computer, Klokers has released the KLOK-01. This stunning watch features three separate rotating dials which represent the hours, minutes and seconds and where the current time falls is perfectly displayed under a slight magnifying glass.

The KLOK-01 will be released in 3 colour variations, yellow, grey, and blue indigo and with a multitude of different strap/carrying options including a pocket chain.

Tuesday 6 October 2015 | No Comments

Buck Compadre Camp Axe

When it comes to axes, the floor is open to many different types. You’ve got splitting axes, felling axes, broad axes and a few others. Then you’ve got the hatchet… A small, generally lightweight axe designed for use in one hand specifically while camping or travelling.

The Compadre Camp Axe by Buck Knives has been developed with this in mind. It’s main purpose being an all-round camp axe which could be used for everything from chopping wood to preparing food.

Tuesday 6 October 2015 | 1 Comment

Breda Watches

Breda watches are not only good-looking and quality timepieces but they’re also not going to set you back massively when it comes to the price either. They’re understated in their design, they’re pretty contemporary in the styling and they come in various different iterations.

The Rothko, Zapf and Valor are our personal favorites in the Breda watch range, but when each version comes in a variety of color choices, unique accents, visible stitching and more… there’s something for everyone.

If you’re in the market for a new watch and you’re checklist includes quality, style and price… definitely consider one of Breda’s offerings.

Monday 5 October 2015 | 1 Comment

Tops Hoffman Harpoon Knife

Whilst a knife (for whatever purpose) is something that many include in their EDC*, the Tops Hoffman Harpoon Knife may not be technically be the right one for you. Saying that, it most definitely needs to be considered as one to add to or start your collection. Measuring 8 inches from tip to butt, the Harpoon Knife features a full tang construction with a 3.5-inch 1095 high carbon steel blade, a black traction coating, and a handle wrapped in paracord. Included with the knife is a nylon sheath for storage/carrying.

At around $65-$75 (£45 – £55 in real money), you’re not exactly breaking the bank if you decide to pick one of these up. Currently these are available from a number of places including Amazon and The Bushcraft Store.

Monday 5 October 2015 | 2 Comments

Rapha x Baum Cycles 2015

As far as collaborations go, the Rapha Australia and Baum relationship is obviously one of brilliance. The bike that they’ve come together to create for their Tour Down Under retreat, is no doubt one of the tastiest looking bikes out there. The subtle yet striking colour laid over the black and grey frame, understated branding and fresh head badge on the frame take this bike to the next level. Professional, Sophisticated and super clean, this bike will definitely turn heads in the Peloton.

The bike itself is a Titanium Coretto Baum road frame adorned with Campagnolo Super Record 11 (2015, 4 arm version) and Lightweight wheels. The detailing on this bike is brilliant and definitely one to look at closely. For more information and more images, go here.

Monday 19 January 2015 | 1 Comment

9point8 Torque Key

Torque keys can be quite expensive and pretty cumbersome to carry with you on a ride and if you’re riding carbon components you’ll need one. 9point8 have already brought the Pulse Dropper Seatpost to the market and now they’ve manufactured these brilliant Allen key torque guides for you to be able to get an idea of the force you’re exerting on a bolt by hand.

By using the flex of a long handle Allen key, the 9point8 torque key measures this and shows you how tight the bolt is. It might not be the most accurate, but to have the ability to tighten a bolt to within 1Nm inside a $8.99 package is pretty interesting.

Monday 19 January 2015 | No Comments

Bull & Stash Notebooks

Having a notebook handy, even in today’s environment where the majority of us have the ability and the technology in our hands to take notes without thinking about it, is something that I need to have. There’s something about the notebook – being able to scribble and scrawl illegible musings and other such ideas or writing a list of things I need to buy for home or designing mockups for clients, I can’t really do without having one in my bag or on my desk.

Bull & Stash understand this and in recognition of the designers, artists, thinkers and writers, have created these durable, oiled leather notebooks. Coupled with high-quality Chicago screws and refill packs due soon, you may never need another notebook again. Quality leather products look better with age, that’s just a given, and these Stash notebooks will be the same.

Coming in a few different sizes, there’s an option for pretty much anyone. Prices range from $15 and are currently due for restock in February due to a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Monday 19 January 2015 | No Comments

Dosnoventa Runs Japan

Monday 1 December 2014 | No Comments

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