The Drayton Porkchop

Drayton Porkchop

The Drayton Porkchop is a custom built 1972 Harley Davidson Sportster created by the custom workshop Boneshaker Choppers in collaboration with the highly creative design agency ILoveDust.

Das Traumwerk’s “The Crunch”

The Crunch

Just when you think that the "custom" scene has started to recycle itself, something comes along and restores all faith in it. Das Traumwerk have just done this for me with their 1977 BMW R80/7 creation. Named 'The Crunch', they've managed to design and build something brilliant.

El Solitario MARRAJO Roadtest

El Solitario - Marrajo

The incredible guys over at El Solitario have been slowly posting photo's of this build over the past few weeks/months and they've just announced that they've had it out on the roads for a test.

Honda CB750 Nighthawk

Honda CB750 Nighthawk

Every so often a bike comes along and makes you look twice. In all honesty, I don’t know what part of this custom Honda CB750 stands out over the rest of the build, but it looks amazing and that’s that.


Ornamental Conifer

It's not often that i only post a single photo with no explanation but this time there really isn't any need for words... This is Nico a.k.a Ornamental Conifer (riding with a catapult). Brilliant shot!

What drives you?

What Drives You?

At this year's Wheels & Waves in Biarritz, the organisers asked one question to some of the people who attended. That question was, What Drives You? This is what was said in response.

2013 Norton Domiracer

2013 Norton Domiracer

The 2013 Norton Domiracer... that phrase alone is enough to get me excited. When i first saw the sneak peek video of this bike i was in awe. It's an absolute stunner and with specs to match.

Biltwell Gringo Helmet

Orange Front

Classic style motorcycle helmets definitely do it for me. The Ruby Castel, Davida Ninety-Two and the of the original bash hats from yesteryear, all look super badass. The Gringo hel­met by Biltwell is no exception to this sweeping statement.

Stories of Bike

Stories of Bike

I've been following the Stories Of Bike series for a while now, and so far, they've all be excellent. Personally, i think Cam Elkins has definitely captured the emotion and feeling that you have on a motorbike. I've posted Episodes 1 - 5 on the click through, definitely worth a

Corpses from Hell x Ruby Helmets

Ruby x Corpses from Hell

When the incredible helmet manufacturer, Les Ateliers Ruby released their beautiful Castel helmet, i was hoping people would put incredible designs on them. The equally incredible and downright awesome Corpses From Hell have done just that on their brilliant CFH custom lid.

Dozer Garage CB750

Dozer Garage - CB750

This Honda CB750 build from the guys over at Dozer Garage is a definite exception to the rule of late. A perfect example of how to do a CB750 the right way, lovely detailing and a belter of a paint job to finish it off, definitely one to check out.

Niyona Tool Roll

Niyona Tool Roll

If you have prepared for small breakdowns, carrying a selection of tools around with you is something you'll have become accustomed to. A tool roll on the other hand might not have been something you've really thought about. This leather and canvas tool roll from Niyona is definitely something you