North West Barber Co.

North West Barber Co. - Shop

The North West Barber Co. is a brand new barbers shop that has just opened up in Accrington, Lancashire (and my new favourite place to go and get my hair cut).

Ryan and Chris from NWBC are awesome. Properly good barbers, awesome people and they've got a super badass shop to go along with that. I'm hoping for nothing but success for these guys, they deserve it more than most!

Definitely worth going down and checking out, probably the best place to get trimmed in the North West, plus they stock Uppercut grooming products, which are by far and away the best i've used.

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Dosnoventa - Shop

Dosnoventa are personally, my favourite bike brand in the world. Everything they put out is just perfect. Frames, Clothing, Videos, all of it is just amazing and i'm so happy to say i'm a member of their crew team.

Can't recommend their products enough. My Detroit frame has been absolutely awesome from day one and everyone that i know who owns anything 290, has said the same.

The 290 guys are based in Barcelona and are housed in their incredible headquarters... i can almost promise it will make you jealous.

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Winckleys - Shop

Winckleys in Preston town centre produces some of the best coffee i've ever drank, not to mention being one of the nicest coffee shops i've been in. Alex has rafts of knowledge about coffee, obvious when you're handed one of his Macciato's.

I've been a frequent (if not daily drinker) of the Winckleys brew. If you haven't had the chance to experience a coffee from Winckleys, you need to change this.

Push irons and motorbikes are definitely welcomed, the noisier the better. Winckley Street echoes the sound of an exhaust tenfold!

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Chainsaw Motorcycles

Chainsaw Motorcycles - Shop

Stu Chainsaw is one of my best mates and has been for a number of years. He creates incredible custom motorbikes and custom components in his workshop. A lot of my spare time is spent sat in the garage watching him work and generally dicking around on anything with 2 wheels.

He is one of the founding members of the aptly named, Flying Rat Squad. Our small group of friends who ride any form of two wheeled death traps.

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Rain City Tattoo Collective

Rain City - Shop

I've been getting zapped at The Rain City Tattoo Collective in Manchester since it formed a couple of years back. RC is full of incredible tattoo artists and constantly having guest spots from other amazing artists.

I've been getting tattooed by Gre Hale for a number of years now even before Rain City was created, and i can't reccommend his work enough. I mean, it's going to be on my skin for a very, very long time.

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Scene Preston

Scene - Shop

Scene Preston is our local skate shop and clothing outlet. Owned and run by a few of our close friends and just recently celebrated their 15 year anniversary, Scene is one of those places that all us Ptown locals visit frequently.

If you're not local to us in the North, you can check them out online. They've got a fully stocked shop full of cool brands, sweet clothes, tasty shoes and all things skateboard. If you're ever in the area, i recommend taking a look in for sure!

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