Halleycat 3


Get dressed up, grab your bike and head on over to Leeds on Saturday 1st November 2014. Now in it’s 3rd year, the Halleycat is being put on by the gents over at The North Race and Restrap.

It’s Knott Winter Sportive

The Green Jersey

To welcome winter with both arms and to see out Autumn, The Green Jersey in Clitheroe are putting on a 100km sportive aptly named “It’s Knott Winter”

Yorkshire Bicycle Show


Nathan over at Restrap / The North Race is putting on the Yorkshire Bicycle Show in September this year. The dates are 20th, 21st and the 22nd of September so remember to mark those dates in your calendars and get to this show.

Restrap Skid Comp

Restrap Birthday

Restrap events are always great fun to go to, and their 3rd birthday was no exception. I had all intentions of taking a whole load of photo's but i got distracted and ended up only taking a few of the skid competition.

King of Track

King of Track

The King of Track is looking like it's going to be a great event again. If you're in the area (or even if you're not) head on over to www.kingoftrack.com.

Monster Track XIV by Cristian Zuniga

Monstertrack XIV

Check out these great photo's from Monster Track XIV taken by Cristian Zuniga.I know a couple of guys who were at the race, and they tell me that it was intense.

Dosnoventa HQ Opening

Dosnoventa HQ Opening

They're spoiling us now... 2 incredible videos in one week. The guys over at Dosnoventa obviously had an amazing time at their new HQ opening last week. Looks like everyone had a great time.

Preston Cycling GP

Preston Cycling GP

I've spent some time recently, crawling through a couple of thousand old photo's on my harddrive and i recently came across these photo's that i took at the 2010 Preston GP.

100th Tour De France

Tour De France 100

The centenary year of the Tour de France is upon us and from the 29th June 2013, the big lads will be taking to the mountains of France for the TDF100.

Dirt Quake 2


Unfortunately i never made it to Dirt Quake 1 last year but i know a lot of people who did, who then proceeded to tell me how much i missed out, so this year, i'm definitely going.

Marathon Crash 2013

The Unified Series

It's back and it's looking bigger than ever. Last year's Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash race looked awesome and this promo video makes this years look like it'll be even better.

Restrap 3rd Birthday

Restrap 3rd Birthday

Another year on for Restrap and they're having a party/event to celebrate this. With both a day event and a night event, there's something for everyone!