Bikes of Preston

Preston Cycling GP

Preston Cycling GP

I've spent some time recently, crawling through a couple of thousand old photo's on my harddrive and i recently came across these photo's that i took at the 2010 Preston GP.

[STOLEN] Lee’s Cinelli’s

Cinelli's Stolen

Some filthy, low-life, scumbag(s) thought it'd be a good idea to break into Lee's garage last night around 2.30am and steal both of his Cinelli builds.

Perkins’ Dosnoventa Detroit

Dosnoventa Detroit

I've been after a Dosnoventa frame, specifically the Detroit, since i first spotted them back in March and now i have one. I spent last night building it and here is the result.

Bikes of Preston: GT Karakoram

GT Karakoram - TT

I’ve decided to start a new thing on Deaf Pigeon which is posting pictures of peoples bikes in Preston. Today was one of those times that i wish i had my DSLR on me, so you’ll have to settle for awful iPhone photos i’m afraid. Me and Rob went for