Buck Compadre Camp Axe


When it comes to axes, the floor is open to many different types. You've got splitting axes, felling axes, broad axes and a few others. Then you've got the hatchet... A small, generally lightweight axe designed for use in one hand specifically while camping or travelling. The Compadre Camp Axe

9point8 Torque Key


By using the flex of a long handle Allen key, the 9point8 torque key measures this and shows you how tight the bolt is. It might not be the most accurate, but to have the ability to tighten a bolt to within 1Nm inside a $8.99 package is pretty interesting.

Bull & Stash Notebooks


Bull & Stash have created these durable, oiled leather notebooks coupled with high-quality Chicago screws, you may never need another notebook again.



Thanks to Ampy, us cyclists can now harvest the motion and vibrations we make in the saddle to leverage kinetic energy to recharge Ampy’s 1000 mAh internal battery.

Lemolo Tool Roll

Lemolo Tool Roll

There's a number of great tool rolls out there and each one has its own quality. I've just come across the Lemolo tool roll and this is no different. It looks great and has enough room for you to carry all the essential tools you would need when you're riding.

Poler Tohoma & Wy’East Gloves

Poler Wy'East

Last year i picked up some really nice Deerskin and wool gloves for winter riding on my Bonneville and this year i'm looking for a new pair of winter gloves. It's like Poler can read my mind as they've just released some incredible looking gloves.

2013 T-Level Lookbook

2013 T-Level Lookbook

T-Level have just released their 2013 lookbook and i must say that i do like what i see. I know a few people who have T-Level bags and they seem pretty strong and durable, so i hope this has stayed across the new range.

Knog Blinder Road

Knog Blinder Road

Delivering a colossal 200 lumen beam of light on the front and 70 lumen strobe on the rear, they’re the first Blinder lights of their kind to give riders 100% visibility and freedom at night.

Full Windsor ‘Nutter’


The multi-tool is a valuable part of riding light, nobody has the want to carry a whole workshop of tools with them. This is where the new Full Windsor 'Nutter' joins the party.

Deerskin Palm Ragg Wool Glove

Deerskin Palm Ragg Wool Glove

There's just something about a good glove that makes me happy. Knowing that i'll have the feeling in my fingers when i get off my bike is a necessity for me, especially with my poor circulation.

Corro Website Launch

Corro Pista

The launch date for the new Corro site is the 22nd of February at 8pm. I'm excited to see the price of their backpack.

5th Floor Patches

Rich Mitch Patch

The 5th Floor have just released this cracking set of patches on their shop, limited edition so don't hang about if you want one.