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The Life Of Deaf Pigeon So Far...

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June 2010

June was the month that Deaf Pigeon was born. Here is the answer to the one question we get asked the most... The name was created from the initials of the creator, David Perkins and just formed from 2 words.

After 3 months of having a fixed gear bike, Perki created Deaf Pigeon as a way to connect with others in the area and blog about the things that he liked online and it has gradually progressed from there.

Perki's First Bike
Logo Sticker

Winter 2010

As the nights started getting longer, we started getting more time on the bikes and we also started making new friends from other blogs in the U.K and even more in other counties and countries. We also got our Facebook and Twitter set up. It was at this time that we got our first stickers made up and got them out into the world. These also sold out and had to get re-stocked.

Over the cold, winter months we met up with a couple of the riders from Blackpool and rode along the illuminations. Winter (even though it's horrible, cold, wet weather) is definitely when most of our rides happen.

Logo T-Shirt
Bark x Deaf Pigeon Straps

Spring 2011

The new year started with a couple of new friends starting to ride bikes with us around Preston and a few new ventures being started with other companies around the world.

We also got the first run of Deaf Pigeon t-shirts that came in both black and white. These sold out within the first month or so and had we had to get them re-printed, with orders from as far out as Singapore.


It was in the spring of 2011 that we had the opportunity to work with the amazing Bark in Italy to produce the Deaf Pigeon foot-straps. We stumbled across each other via the internet and decided to create a limited run of custom, collaboration foot-straps.

These straps sold out in a matter of minutes with a few kept back to be used as prizes in the first ever Deaf Pigeon event. The Poker Race.

Summer 2011

It was just after our first anniversary that we had our first event, The Poker Race. This had been in the process of being organised since earlier in the year and had been advertised for the couple of months earlier.

Due to this being the first event from Deaf Pigeon, we were sketchy on whether anyone would actually turn up. When people actually did arrive at the venue to race and a lot of them, we were so happy!

Thank you to everyone that came along.


Just before The Poker Race, we decided that there should also be another t-shirt and sticker design available to our readers and friends, and up for sale on the website.

This was when the Silhouette t-shirt was released alongside the Pigeon sticker. Massive thanks to Nick Smith for the design of this.

It was in the summer of 2011 that Deaf Pigeon sponsored their first event also. The Rolla-Ace in York was the first of many events that Deaf Pigeon are planning on getting involved with.

Poker Race
Silhouette T-Shirt
Perki's Hewitt A6n

Winter 2011

We're so humbled by the progression of Deaf Pigeon over the past 18 months. We've gone from a local blog that just services our local riders, to having 250 fans on Facebook and friends all around the world. We've organised a couple of events including a film screening of the amazing BOIKZMOIND and released 2 t-shirts and a couple of other products.

We're in planning of more events over the next couple of months and got a couple of amazing collaborations in the pipeline for the new year. Everyday is a new journey for us and we hope that this never changes. Massive thanks to everyone who has joined us for the ride.

Locked up Bikes
Market Sprints


We've now been going for 2 years... and so much has changed both locally and within the scene in general. We've met so many cool people and been in touch with other cycling blogs and teams both within the UK and abroad. Things seem to be flying by. We've grown to having 800+ likes on Facebook and 600 followers on Twitter.

We've grown in members aswell... from our initial group of 5, we've now got about 12 regular riders who come out to the events we arrange. The team has grown in size aswell, we have now got 4 people working on the site and helping with daily runnings of DP.


We recently held the Market Sprints in Preston, our first event in a while. The turnout was incredible and so many more people came out to it. Check the blog for more details.

The biggest thing to happen to Deaf Pigeon recently is the launch of the new Jersey! This has been a long time in the design and manufacturing process and has just been launched.

We have a load more things coming soon, so keep following Deaf Pigeon. Thank you to everyone who's been part of it so far and welcome to everyone new.

Deaf Pigeon Jersey
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