The Jacks “Crying Skull” Candles

Posted by David Perkins on Wednesday 7 October 2015 | No Comments

We’ve featured candles on here before but this is something different. The Jacks was a successfully funded Kickstarter project created by a bunch of designers and sculptures featuring a deer, human and rabbit’s skull.

Skulls are skulls, they’re pretty cool items in our opinion and skull candles just take this to the next level… The Jacks however, change things again as they’re basically a ceramic skull in a white or black colour that you “fill” with either a brain, antlers or rabbit ears candles in one of five colors/scents available.

The Jacks Human Skull Brain Candle

Set the brain, antlers or ears on fire and you’re presented with a lovely scent of cotton, lavender, vanilla, cocopalm or cacao circulating around your room. Take a look over at the candle again and you’ll find the brain melting and dripping out of the eyes… in essence, creating the illusion that the skull is crying.

It could be perceived as pretty sinister yes, but it’s also definitely a cool looking item and insanely perfect for Halloween coming up at the end of the month. You can pick one of these up from The Jacks directly.

Unfortunately these prices are in Korean but prices are around the £40 – £65 mark from what i can see.

The Jacks Rabbit Ears Candle

The Jacks Deer Crying Candle