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Posted by David Perkins on Monday 5 October 2015 | 1 Comment

Breda watches are not only good-looking and quality timepieces but they’re also not going to set you back massively when it comes to the price either. They’re understated in their design, they’re pretty contemporary in the styling and they come in various different iterations.

The Rothko, Zapf and Valor are our personal favorites in the Breda watch range, but when each version comes in a variety of color choices, unique accents, visible stitching and more… there’s something for everyone.

If you’re in the market for a new watch and you’re checklist includes quality, style and price… definitely consider one of Breda’s offerings.

Breda: Rothko – Brown / Black

Pictured here is the Rothko in Brown & Black. Featuring a stunning, minimalist white face with gunmetal minute and hour hands, a red second hand and finished off with a brown and black strap complete with visible stitching and a gunmetal closure.
$60.00 – Buy Here

Breda Rothko


Breda: Zapf – Light Brown/Red

Pictured here is the Light Brown & Red. Featuring a tasteful, minimal silver case with complimentary index markers, hands and closure. Contrasting purple second hand and visible stitching bring a subtle level of color to the brown strap.
$49.00 – Buy Here

Breda Zapf


Breda: Valor – Gunmetal

Pictured here below is the Valor in Gunmetal which features a grey strap with black leather loops. Contrasted with the black face is the white printed indexes and a red second hand to add depth and colour to the gunmetal case and dial.
$49.00 – Buy Here

Breda Valor

  • Daniel Monks

    Love these watches, i saw them in John Lewis and they looked great. Simple, clean designs, yet they stand out from the rest. Just gotta find a reason and the cash to buy myself one!