The Drayton Porkchop

Posted by David Perkins on Wednesday 15 October 2014 | No Comments

Billed as the “ILoveDust vs Boneshaker”, The Drayton Porkchop is a custom built 1972 Harley Davidson Sportster created by the custom workshop Boneshaker Choppers in collaboration with the highly creative design agency ILoveDust.

Apparently this bike was meant to be “a mean brute that looks as if it was built for a purpose, some kind of abused race bike with an illustrative flash of race graphics in white and gold to finish it off.” and if that’s what they were going for, they’ve achieved it.

As a concept, this partnership was destined to produce something brilliant and both companies haven’t disappointed. Personally, i love the minimal, no frills, get out there and ride type motorbikes and this ticks that box in a big way. I mean, there’s no lights or even a speedo on this build! Which to me just means there’s less stuff to worry about or go wrong, leaving more time to head out and enjoy it.

I’ve always been a big fan of ILoveDust and this just confirms the reason why i am. Their style and eye for detail is perfect and this bike is an absolute gem to look at. I just wish i had the opportunity to ride it.

Drayton Porkchop

Drayton Porkchop

Drayton Porkchop

ilovedust v’s Boneshaker Choppers from ilovedust on Vimeo.

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