Grim Bags ‘Burton’ Messenger Bag

Posted by David Perkins on Tuesday 16 April 2013 | 22 Comments

Grim Bags Messenger Bag

I’ve held off writing my review of the Grim Bags Messenger Bag for a long time now (sorry Rollo), but I’m glad that I have because now, I can safely give you my thoughts and opinions on this bag knowing that I’ve used it solidly for months in various situations.

To summarize the review before you read it all, The Grim Bags Messenger Bag is really, really good. I’ve had mine since just after christmas and I’ve ridden it every day (no word of a lie) on both the motorbike and push iron. In all-weather, in all conditions and at about 110 mph!

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Grim Bags Messenger Bag

The bag is sturdy but not uncomfortable. It sits really nicely on your back no matter what you’re carrying. I’ve carried a full weekends worth of clothing including laptop, iPad, shoes and a bit of food without the bag feeling like it’s overfull. It’s very well padded out around the bag so when you’ve got something weirdly shaped in the bag, you can still feel it but it’s not annoying or painful.

The ‘safety strap’ is always a welcomed addition to the messenger style bag. I’ve always steered clear of bags which don’t have them. They help keep everything secure on your back without feeling like you’re being hindered across the chest and the Grim Bags Messenger benefits from it. The same thing goes for the main padded strap. I’ve had bags in the past with no padding and they tear into your shoulders even when the bag is empty. The Grim Bags Messenger on the other hand has a very well padded shoulder strap which allows you can carry any weight and it won’t feel like it’s shredding into you. I recently had to carry a set of Hagon rear shocks for the Bonneville in it and everything felt really nice and secure from the bags point of view and it all felt safe on my shoulder too.

The guys over at Grim Bags have also put a rather handy lock holster on the main cross strap of the bag. I’ve got a Kryptonite mini and it fits perfectly, plus if you use the ‘safety strap’ through the main part of the lock, it sits nice and flat across your chest for easy access in whatever situation you find yourself in.

Grim Bags Messenger Bag

Grim Bags Messenger Bag

Grim Bags Messenger Bag

Grim Bags Messenger Bag

Grim Bags Messenger Bag

Grim Bags Messenger Bag

I don’t know if the Grim Bags Messenger is supposed to be waterproof, I don’t think it even claims to be, but I’ve ridden it in torrential rain with insane cross winds and snow/ice and the contents of the bag has stayed completely dry inside. I’ve been caught out recently with my iPad and MacBook Pro inside it and I was properly worried about them, arrived home, bone dry! Excellent

Like they mention on their site, they use big clunky fasteners all over the bag and when your fingers are either cold or inside some chunky motorbike gloves they’re very much welcomed. I’ve never had a failure either which has allowed me to trust this bag with my valuable possessions as I’ve been riding.

So… to the last thoughts on this bag. It’s definitely a bag to add into the equation if you’re looking at or wanting a messenger style bag. It comes in 3 colours (blue, burgundy and the olive-green pictured above), it’s Made in Britain and it costs £89.99. All of this combined, The Grim Bags ‘Burton’ Messenger is a great choice. Head on over to the Grim Bags shop and pick one up. Or you can hold out and try to win this one pictured above in our competition below.

The Competition

Grim Bags Competition

The bag pictured in the review above was kindly given to me for use in this competition as a prize. I haven’t ridden in or used this bag at all, so I thought I’d give all of you lovely readers a chance to win yourself a brand new Deaf Pigeon x Grim Bags Messenger Bag.

All you’ve got to do is…


Get your comments in to us below before the 10th May 2013 and we’ll decide who wins the bag. Terms: Entries after 10th May 2013 won’t be included, there’s no cash alternatives, our decision is final and only entries via the comments form below will be accepted. Share it around, tell your friends, but please enter, this bag needs to go to someone awesome!

Thank you and good luck to all

  • Kenn Merlos

    This bag looks amazing! compared to the one i have been using. I have been struggling with my messenger bag a lot, no padding on strap and pretty small, not that good to have a lot of items inside, and gets really uncomfortable. I ride a lot, here in Las Vegas and I am always the, hey can i put my lock in your bag and so on, and it sucks having all this weight, but most of all, being so uncomfortable while riding my bike. If this was my bag i would be so happy! would not mind carrying everybody’s tools, locks, etc. and finally i would have a legit messenger bag!

  • Josh Knill

    I’d love this bag to be a major part of my life for three simple reasons:

    1. My bike is my main and only form of transportation and, as we all know, a decent bag is of utmost importance. I currently own the world’s tattiest, well-loved and most rapidly deteriorating bag; a £23 Animal backpack that features zero waterproofing, a bottom panel that’s hanging on by five threads and a torn bottle mesh (photo available upon request). This has been by daily backpack for four strong years, carrying laptops and books to uni until graduation and now repurposed as a shoot bag, housing my camera body, lenses and various other accessories alongside changes of shoes and sweater. If – wait, this is Britain – when it rains, everything gets a secondary plastic carrier bag covering in a half arsed attempt at preventing the wet stuff damaging my tools of the trade. If this Grim bag was to arrive at my door, the Animal would receive a suitable cremation and associated prayer dance to the Backpack God in the sky.

    2. I’m from Manchester and don’t rep my home endz enough. The Grim guys are doing top notch stuff and I’d convert my Chrome-toting friends to something more homegrown and handmade. Also, camo triangle pattern is hipsterlicious. Which is a good thing.

    3. May 10th is my birthday and I’ve had to put up with sharing it with Bono for the past 21 years. This bag would amply make up for that terrible affliction.

  • Ed Pearce

    Looks and sounds like a brilliant bag…..I need this bag as I have little to no street cred and this will surely gain me some valuable points!??

  • Kevin

    I would finally be able to carry my stuff safely on my bike and most important keep them dry with the great weather so far.

  • Robert Robert

    I need this back because I’m training for the summer to cycle across europe to climb the Alpe d’Huez on a fixed gear. I would like to have an awesome trip and having an awesome bag would really help.

  • peter cvetkov

    I would like to have this bag because it comes at the best possible moment for me. I’m leaving the corporate world (working as an Engineer in a Telecommunication corp) in order to do what I’ve been dreaming to do for the past years. I’m starting a new project in my town (Sofia, Bulgaria) (don’t want to call it company since it’s more like a collective). Moreover it’s going to be the first ever bike courier collective in my country. I think it’s time for us to clean the dust and be on time with all happenings in the world. And I think we should do things the right way. And I believe this bag falls in the category “the right way” (to deliver goods). Thanks :)

  • Shannon McLachlan

    This bag would benefit me as I am about to embark on a cycle ride to the moon. I have installed booster rockets and an acrylic cockpit to my NS Analog and plan to land on the far side of the moon.
    I am going to take some bananas and smoothies with me and this bag will be sure to keep my back dry if the smoothie leaks.
    It would also be pretty useful for uni.

  • Steve Rideout

    I’d benefit from having this bag in my life, because otherwise….. the puppy gets it.

  • grantrussell

    I would be able to carry some stuff in it.

  • ed

    I would benefit from this bag as a struggling student nurse who cant drive and has to carry all my books and uniform on my mammouth rides to and from the hospital and uni the bag would be a life saver and help me to help others cheers.

  • Stéphane Delcroix

    I have a phobic fear of pigeons since I’m a child. I don’t like to talk about it (peoples make fun of me about it).

    I’m always trying to avoid squares and parks to escape from my nemesis. With the sunny days, it become harder because my friends always want to go to play Frisbee or to have picnics in parks … And I just can’t go with them… So my social life becomes a true disaster… If I had this wonderful bag, I would finally love something related to pigeon and I’m confident it would be the trigger to cure me of that this
    terrible evil…

  • General Deluxe

    This bag would change my life – i recently broke the zip on my trusty Ortleib Zip City messenger bag when trying to close it with a bit too much stuff in it. Not being able to afford to replace it right away means I have been carrying stuff around in a bag that can’t close and protect it’s contents from the elements, meaning I can’t take my laptop or cameras with me if there’s even the slightest chance of rain (In Manchester, this basically means I can’t take my laptop or camera with me anywhere). It’d be awesome to be able to safely carry my valuables in a locally made product that not only looks great, but if functionally excellent too.

  • Brian Collins

    This bag will make me a god damn sexual tyrannosaurus!

  • Chris Lanaway

    I’d benefit from this bag so I can carry all my camera kit to more cycling events as well as buying those ever important Heinz beans 4 packs, the staple diet of any student in the UK!

  • Jit

    If I had this bag, I could FINALLY carry around plastic bags filled with sandwich bags, filled with tea bags. From what I’ve heard, tea bags are natural shark repellents. What you do is you put tea bags between your fingers when you punch the sharks in the gills.

    Therefore, this bag would save my life from sharks.

  • Mr Landslide

    Once upon a time, there was a proud land. Its name? Lancashire.

    Through the ages, the red rose of Lancashire stood proud, stretching from the Pennines to the Irish Sea. It vied with its white-rosed neighbour for supremacy of the North (and let’s face it, by extension the rest of Britain), gave rise to fine crumbly cheese, and was pretty bloomin’ awesome at cricket.
    But then came bureaucracy, and the Local Government Act 1972. This administrative slight carved out great tracts of Lancashire to create Merseyside and Greater Manchester. Where’s the heritage in that? The history, the pride and the glory?

    Yet into the new-born realm of Merseyside, a boy was born. He grew, he learned of the history of his land, he rejoiced in the heritage of Lancashire. Not for him the parochial rivalries of Liverpool and Manchester! We were one, joined under the banner of the red rose!

    Time passed, and the boy grew. He became a man, and sought his way in the world. He travelled, he loved, he lost. He found love again. He had a home, a wife, a son! But this world in which he now lived filled him with conflicting emotions, for it was Yorkshire. That age-old rival had become a friend, a refuge. Yet whilst his body resided on the white side of the Pennines, his heart remained red…

    And that’s why I need this bag in my life – to remind me of my home county. So that wherever I travel, a little bit of Lancashire travels with me, wrapped around me like a mother’s embrace.

  • Graeme Davies

    So when I get off the train and collect my purple Magna High Extreme 500 ladies bike to ride home after a days work I get some RESPECT from my fellow cycle commuters unlocking their new aluminium single speed bikes looking flash…there is nothing wrong with steal and nuts & bolts!

  • NickoT

    So when i get to work after my ride in the rain I can slip into fresh jeans that don’t have dubious wet patches from the leaks in my current bag. ta

  • Matt Staddon

    I would benefit from having that bag in my life, because my current bag is “grim”. This one looks and sounds delightful.

  • James Innes

    I would benefit from having this bag as I am going to be zipping
    too and from college to do my foundation in art, next year. I don’t have a messenger
    bag to store my junk and pens in when riding. Plus I lost out in winning
    a grim bag from ‘The foot down’ comp ….without sounding too desperate its genuinely
    my 18th two weeks time and I can’t afford a stupid Brooks parachute
    bag :P

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  • lottie

    I would benefit from this messenger bag as my last messenger bag was ripped when I gave it in before an exam, and so I need a high quality bag to carry my college notepads and books around