Shinya Kimura – Motorcycle Craftsman / Artist

Posted by David Perkins on Tuesday 4 December 2012 | 5 Comments

Shinya Kimura

I was enlightened to the genius that is Shinya Kimura last night by my mate. I can’t even believe that i’ve never seen him or his bikes before. They’re incredible to look at and the way he talks about his motorbikes is inspiring.

According to his wikipedia page: “He is the originator of the “zero style” custom bike.” Zero Style custom bikes combine minimalistic and vintage looks with the form and function of a great engine.

This bike (named Spike), has been featured in a small documentary about Shinya which you can watch on click through.


Shinya Kimura from Adam Richards on Vimeo.

Shinya Kimura

Shinya Kimura

Shinya Kimura

Shinya Kimura

Thanks to Megadeluxe for this… i’ve watched this video about 20 times since last night.

Why are you posting motorbikes?

Just thought i’d try this out. Still technically two wheels, so i’m not straying too far from the path. For those who know me personally, i am a big fan of motorcycles aswell as bicycles in general. This isn’t anything new, i’ve had motorbikes since i was about 7 years old or something daft like that. I started riding fixed gear bikes when i got rid of my last motorbike (financial reasons) and so that became my new obsession. Recently, i picked up a new motorcycle and now that i have Deaf Pigeon as a place to share cycling articles, i’ve decided that i might start posting items of motorcycle interest on here aswell.

If this isn’t something that you like, please let me know and i’ll stop doing it. I won’t post a million articles of motorbikes and 1 fixed gear, i’ll keep it nice and even, but i don’t want to annoy or dis-interest you guys, the readers. If you are interested in motorbikes aswell, please let me know also, as i’m just doing this as a test.

Thank you

  • Chak

    Nah man, don’t stop, then again, that’s just my opinion. The video blew my mind away. The way he speaks about his work and what it’s like to ride his creations, yeah…I kinda get it from the two wheeled perspective. Great post man. Thanks

  • David Perkins

    Thanks for the comment, glad i posted it now… I’m thinking 2013 might have quite a few more motor related posts.

  • Teymour Mirza

    Yes. keep posting ANYTHING beautiful with two wheels. I’ve never ridden a motorcycle, but feel drawn towards vintage board track and cafe racers. Must be that steel and grease thing.

  • David Perkins

    Thanks man! I posted some stuff from Dustin Kott more recently… I think the motorbikes are here to stay :)

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