Affinity Cycles Lo-Pro

Posted by David Perkins on Saturday 12 May 2012 | 1 Comment

ZTRN's Affinity Lo-Pro

In an endless search for a good, affordable lo-pro/pursuit frameset, I’ve come across lots of different builds from lots of different manufacturers.

Although most currently on the market that are advertised as lo-pros actually aren’t (the whole sloping top-tube thing started when people decided to run smaller front wheels) there’s something about them that I really like.

The Cinelli MASH Histogram, Leader Kagero and D.A.M.P. Earbeard are all examples of frames currently being produced and are what I’m talking about.

More recently I came across the Affinity Cycles Lo-Pro. It’s definitely a head-turner, a lot of people I know hate how aggressive they look, a lot of people on the other hand love it. I’d really like to get my hands on one soon.

It’s a fast, stiff, twitchy frameset, a result of the short wheelbase and tall seatstays. There’s some lovely detailing on the lugs of the 1″ fork too. I’ve yet to hear a bad thing about it yet too.

You can check them out along with other Affinity frames on their website.

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  • Grzybecki

    i love this frame